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Murder of holidaymaker in Uvongo condemned by FF Plus

The FF Plus condemns the murder of Ms Shalima Ramsanker (44) in a holiday home in Uvongo on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal.

According to reports, Ms Ramsanker was shot and killed in the residence on Saturday, 4 February, after she heard an alarm go off and went to investigate.

The rest of the family was sitting on the stoep when they heard the alarm go off. Shortly after, they heard a gunshot on the storey just above them.

The suspect fled the scene with two bags of personal belongings and bank cards. He is still at large.

The Ramsanker family from Durban was in Uvongo on a short holiday to celebrate an anniversary and a birthday.

It is tragic that a family getaway to a popular holiday and tourism destination turned into a traumatic event for everyone.

Tourism is one of the biggest contributors to the South Coast’s economy and crimes such as these will deter tourists from visiting the area.

The FF Plus is calling on holidaymakers to remain vigilant, even when they are on a relaxing break. That is exactly when they become easy targets for criminals.

The FF Plus offers its deepest condolences to Ms Ramsanker’s family and friends.

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