FF Plus – ‘Everything turns into a disaster under ANC rule’

All planning for 2024 must take into account that South Africa needs a new government, because everything has turned into a disaster under ANC rule.

The DA must keep that in mind when toying with the idea of entering into a political marriage with the ANC after the 2024 elections.

It needs to realise that the SACP and Cosatu will be partners in that polygamist relationship.

Only a desperate gambler would put money on the DA wielding the sceptre in that marriage. It is naive to think that it is possible to rehabilitate the ANC.

A sheep would not marry a wolf in a bid to survive. Likewise, it would be silly for a turkey to accept an invitation to a Christmas dinner. Except if it wants to be the main course.

In such a partnership, the ANC is sure to demand its pound of flesh, and will automatically get a hold on the Western Cape and Gauteng metros. It must not happen.

The ANC even exploited and abandoned its own supporters.

Black townships and informal settlements should all have been declared poverty hot spots long ago. Those who reside there live under the most terrible circumstances imaginable.

Water supply is a disaster, ablution facilities are a disaster, unemployment is a disaster. Starving families are a disaster. Law and order are a disaster. Even the state itself has turned into a disaster under the ANC.

Cadre deployment has destroyed Black Economic Empowerment. The masses have become impoverished while certain cadres live in luxury thanks to political ties.

The riotous EFF leaders were politically trained by the ANC Youth League. Its members are simply acting like the ANC itself taught them to.

On top of that, President Cyril Ramaphosa has surrounded himself with incompetent persons who must govern the country.

The ANC government is now being called to account for exploiting its supporters. The people are busy turning against the ‘liberation party’.

The former American President George Bush said that power is being abused when it is used for personal gain.

And in this regard, the ANC government is much worse than its predecessor. In the previous dispensation, white people benefited. But the ANC benefits only its own leadership at the expense of its supporters.

The only reward that the black masses get for voting for the ANC is a T-shirt, a Streetwise KFC, a R350 SASSA grant and singing struggle songs together.

South Africa needs strong men and women who can lead the country and restore its pride as a nation. Not weak opportunists.

Arrogance and ambition are terrible twins, and any party that wants to enter into an agreement with the ANC would be doing so due to an unhealthy desire for power and control.

Such a party cannot be trusted. Voters must remember that in 2024.

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