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Red tape debate shows how the ANC failed the economy over the last 29 years

The ANC government’s lens of oppression, selective aid, and clinging to unreasonable, unfair legislation and regulation blinds it to what is necessary for economic growth.

The progress made to reduce the red tape restricting small to medium enterprises is welcomed. Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), however, casts a dark shadow over this single ray of hope.

Even the National Treasury concurs that BEE is a serious obstacle for smaller enterprises to entering the market.

The current regulatory and restricting legislation and regulations knee-halter entrepreneurs in South Africa even though smaller enterprises are supposed to form the very core of the economy.

Through innovative ideas and smaller enterprises entrepreneurs create micro-economies in provinces, which form the foundation of the greater economy.

Unfortunately, government does not offer the same support to all role-players. Skin colour is the determining factor. It determines, to a large extent, whether you may tender or not, whether you may sell or not, and whether you may work or not.

What happened to smaller enterprises during Covid-19 serves as sufficient proof of this. Unmeasurable damage was caused. Draconian labour legislation makes the playing field even more uneven for certain participants.

The theme of the debate – reducing red tape – in itself is a charge against the government, and a little political opportunism before next year’s elections.

The truth of the matter is that over the last 29 years, the ANC oppressed, restricted and looted the economy, with or without red tape.

Although any attempts to facilitate the entry of new enterprises into the market ought to be welcomed, it is a given that very little can be done to address the lack of pride, work ethics and expertise.

The public service is a shining example in this regard.

Even if red tape were kept to a minimum, as long as cadre deployment and quotas are implemented, it will remain a big spanner in the works of service delivery.

The focus on skills development in the public service is surely to be welcomed, even though it demonstrates government’s failure to, in the first place, make appointments based on merit.

It is time to put South Africa first, not political ideology.

It is time to allow South Africa’s economy to grow freely without political interference. Next year at the polls, voters can make sure that happens.

South Africa deserves better than the ANC.

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