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11 Farm attacks, 5 farm murders in South Africa, March 2023

Due to the ongoing efforts to create awareness internationally and locally the number of farm attacks and murders have slightly decreased in the last few years and while they continue unabated everyone is encouraged to continue sharing the information far and wide.

Social media platforms, like Facebook, are the best way to get the truth out, but to just react to information is not enough! Everyone has a social responsibility to share the information far and wide and to as many people as possible.

A thumbs-up or angry face do not help these awareness campaigns.

At the ‘White Cross monument’ there are well over 3600 crosses symbolizing some of these farm murders. And TLU SA has recorded over 5000 farm attacks and over 2000 farm murders since 1990 pertaining to those farmers that are members of their organisation, these figures represent incidents reported to TLU SA and not all farmers in the country. The numbers are thus very much higher.

These farm attacks and murders are often accompanied by extreme violence, torture and rape and are being openly fueled by black South African leaders in the country.

During the month of March 2023 there were five farm murders and eleven farm attacks in South Africa.

Farm attacks and Farm murders 2020:

446 Farm attacks and 77 farm murders.

Farm attacks and Farm murders 2021:

248 Farm attacks and 43 farm murders.

Farm attacks and Farm murders 2022:

156 Farm attacks and 39 farm murders.

Farm attacks and Farm murders 2023:

January 2023 – 22 Farm attacks and 3 farm murders.
February 2023 – 15 Farm attacks and 2 farm murders.
March 2023 – 11 Farm attacks and 5 farm murders.

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Information supplied by The Rome Research Institute of South Africa

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