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Funeral policies fraud, IT specialist in court

Ronald Llewellyn Van Wyk (36), was arrested on a warrant following a Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crime investigation that exposed his alleged role in siphoning R1.2 million from Net 1 Financial Services.

The alleged offences were committed during Covid-19, for about a year starting in October 2020.

It is alleged that Van Wyk who was employed by Net1, as a Smart Life IT manager created and uploaded (19) fictitious policies on behalf of deceased clients. He would then approach the grieving families and request for the deceased’s credentials with promises that his company will pay for the funeral groceries.

With the sourced credentials he reportedly manipulated the system, uploaded claims reflecting credit or backdated monthly premiums.

The money would be paid into bank accounts of beneficiary uploaded by him and he would approach them afterwards stating that there was an overpayment and they needed to return a certain amount back to him.

The Palm Ridge Specialised Commercial court granted Van Wyk bail of R5 000 pending his next appearance on 10 May 2023.

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