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Problems faced by minority communities in South Africa – FF Plus informs international community

This past weekend the FF Plus had the opportunity to once again inform the international community of the various challenges faced by the Afrikaner and other minorities in South Africa.

The party (Tammy Breedt, FF Plus MP) attended a general meeting of the presidency of UNPO in Barcelona, Spain.

The opportunity was used to talk about the numerous general problems affecting minorities, like poor service delivery.

The message that the ANC government is turning South Africa into a failed state, where the rights of minorities, in particular, are violated, was conveyed loud and clear.

The rest of the speech highlighted the following:

Minorities in South Africa are facing serious challenges and everyone in the country will suffer if solutions are not found soon.

Nearly thirty years after the transition to a new dispensation the country is experiencing so many problems that there is no sign of the “rainbow nation” that was on the whole world’s lips.

Race-based policy and legislation target all minorities, and government is continually busy expanding and intensifying it.

President Cyril Ramaphosa just signed the latest Amendment Bill on the Affirmative Action Act two weeks ago.

It affords the Minister of Labour even greater powers to unilaterally impose further quotas on the private sector.

In the process, merit and competence play no role, only colour does. As a result, no actual skills transferral and development takes place in the labour market. This is to the detriment of everyone in the country.

The unemployment rate is staggering with a record-high 48% of the population being mainly dependent on government grants for survival.

Service delivery has basically come to a standstill. Load shedding and water outages are experienced countrywide, while sewage runs through the streets riddled with potholes. That is the reality in South Africa in which its people must try to make a living.

Crime is out of control and there is about a 40% chance that every South African woman will be raped at least once in her lifetime. Only one out of every nine rape cases are ever reported and only 14% of all murder cases end in successful prosecution.

The police force is riddled with corruption and in many cases, police members themselves are involved in crime syndicates.

When it comes to the Afrikaner, their cultural symbols and monuments are under siege. There is no more room for writings on the Afrikaner’s culture and history in public libraries.

Hate speech has become a common occurrence, even in Parliament, usually without any consequences.

There are, however, some exceptions regarding such abuses, like the ruling by the Human Rights Commission (HRC) against Stellenbosch University (SU) for trampling Afrikaans after the FF Plus had lodged a complaint.

Although it was a small victory, it is significant because it shows that minorities must not simply accept their lot, instead, they must use everything at their disposal to fight against the injustices perpetrated by government.

Read the original article in Afrikaans by Tammy Breedt on FF Plus

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