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Browns Farm robbery suspects open fire, police Colonel wounded

SAPS will not tolerate an attack on our members, and we will use all our resources to bring perpetrators to book so that they can face the consequences in a court of law.

A 38-year-old suspect was arrested on 5 May 2023, after he opened fire at a police and wounding a 51-year-old Colonel in his leg.

The Colonel and three colleagues were doing crime prevention patrols in Browns Farm at around 15:50, when they were alerted of an armed robbery in progress in Mnixi Street.

They immediately responded and approached the beverage delivery vehicle which was the target of the robbery.

Upon the arrival on the crime scene, the suspects fled on foot with police in pursuit.

One of the suspects opened fire at the police members, and wounded the Colonel.

This suspect was further pursued by the Colonel’s colleagues until he was arrested and disarmed. The other suspects managed to evade arrest and are being sought.

The arrested suspect is scheduled to make his court appearance in Athlone on Monday, 8 May 2023, where he will face charges of attempted murder, the possession of an unlicensed firearm and armed robbery. The wounded member was admitted to hospital and he is currently in a stable condition.

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