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Illegal land grabbers – FF Plus will ensure Minister keeps her word

The FF Plus will ensure that the Minister of Human Settlements, Ms Mmamoloko Khubayi, delivers on her undertaking to take strict action against illegal land grabbers.

On 16 May 2023, during a debate in the NCOP, Khubayi took a strong stance against illegal land occupations. She accused the EFF, in particular, of populistically exploiting the housing need among poor communities and inciting illegal land grabs.

The Minister, however, failed to make any mention of the role that ANC factions and municipal councillors play in illegal land occupations.

Communities have indicated, in various instances in the North West and elsewhere in the country, that ANC councillors had been involved in inciting illegal land occupations.

In addition, councillors reportedly even measured out plots and sold them to members of the community.

Such incidences reportedly occurred in Stilfontein and Potchefstroom, among other places, but nobody was ever prosecuted for it.

The absence of thorough investigations and the effective prosecution of illegal land occupants and those who incite land grabs mean that the ANC government in effect approves of such unlawful conduct.

Although it is refreshing to hear that the ANC government plans to start enforcing the country’s laws on landownership, the FF Plus will still keep a close eye on the matter.

The party will ensure that prosecution is not selective to protect, among other things, ANC faction interests.

Orderly city and town development lies at the core of South Africa’s economic foundation.

Neglecting and exploiting such development for personal and political gain poses a serious threat to the country and must, therefore, be duly prioritised and addressed.

South Africa’s economic development must no longer be held hostage by opportunistic ANC and EFF politicians who serve only their own interests.

South Africa deserves better than the ANC.

Read the original article in Afrikaans by Fanie du Toit on FF Plus

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