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Wanda Luus-du Plessis: Voorlesing 13 – Die Boek Onthou Mev E M vd Walt (in Afrikaans)

Wanda continues with her new series of recitals from the personal experiences of boers recorded during and after the boer war – from the deadly British concentration camps where boer women and children were imprisoned to the burning of homesteads and blatant abuse exposed by a British citizen, Emily Hobhouse, who saw and heard of the atrocities before returning home to bring shame on the nation – from Queen Victoria down. These readings are in Afrikaans and many of the first hand accounts will bring tears to your eyes when you consider the inhumanity of the British colonial forces against the boer people during the 1899 – 1902 Boer War. To view the entire Wanda archive go to the Loving Life TV archives and search on Wanda.