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Loving Life TV – Daily News & Views Update, Thursday 27 July 2023:

For me personally tonight’s live stream (part two) with Jeff Koorbanally is one of the most significant I will be publishing on Loving Life TV. It reflects the reality that South Africa is not run by an elected democratic government but by the Rupert family, a local regal proxy of the one world government.

Since our last live stream (part one) with Jeff from just over two weeks ago, which has attracted over 650,000 views to date, I have had threatening emails, “crickets” from the South African legacy media and a huge amount of information sent to me by way of PDFs, documents, graphics and images etc that confirm South Africa is run by the Mafia – and the Rupert family are the head of the beast.

When you go to the home page of Loving Life TV you will see a link below tonight’s live stream where you can download the CR-17 bank accounts in which hundreds of millions of Rands were used to bribe the ANC caucus members to select Ramaphosa as President in 2017. You will see to whom that money was dispensed.

In tonight’s live stream with Jeff Koorbanally I will be presenting just some of the pages of the CR-17 bank statements (there are over 110 in the PDF link on Loving Life TV’s home page).

It is important to understand that the person who supplied me with this document and many more reflecting the ANC Mafia was NOT tonight’s guest but through a growing number of people in South Africa who are standing up to tyranny. 

The focus of tonight’s live stream with Jeff will be Project Spider Web – funded by the Rupert family since 2010. We will be naming names and roles in this project which is centered around controlling the nations money and, by default, the ANC Government. I hope Trevor Manuel and Maria Ramos are watching.

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