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The Church of Scientology and Midrand community work together to tackle drug abuse and crime.

Recently, the Midrand Police Station, Foundation for a Drug Free World, Izosukuma Indoda NPO and the Community Policing Forum joined hands for an all-out fight against gender based violence, substance abuse and prevention of crime by marching and distributing educational booklets to the Midrand community. This collaboration between community stakeholders is now a regular occurrence in the community of Midrand. Deeply worried by rising numbers of domestic cases, rampant drug abuse crime, the Midrand Police has been stepping up their efforts and working with the community successfully to bring awareness and cooperation.  

Constable Maluleke, from the Midrand Police, who organized the event to bring awareness to these social issues, expressed his joy about the support from community members and organizations, he said “There is so much positive energy today and it is incredible. I am inspired to see all of us working together and doing good works tirelessly to safeguard and restore our community”.

They hit downtown Midrand and reached over 700 community members with the ‘Truth About Drugs’ message and more to create awareness about the dangers of substance abuse and how they lead to crimes in the community.

One of the local stores in the area expressed gratitude and said, “Thank you so much for what you are doing. Drugs are a big problem in our communities and we are happy to support this great initiative.”

Alice Meiring of the Foundation for a Drug Free World described their program as an international drug awareness campaign that has educated over a billion people globally on the dangers of Drugs. “It is a privilege to be working together with the police and community to tackle this issue head on. A lack of knowledge on something makes you vulnerable to it. If kids really hear the truth about drugs instead of the lies spread by dealers, then I know they will make the right choices. That is what we want”.

The chairman of a local non-profit organization called Izosukuma Indoda, dedicated to youth empowerment, was also present at the awareness event and actively promoting youth empowerment. Other contributive stakeholders included the Midrand SAPS, the local Community Policing Forum and others who were very keen on tackling these issues.

According to the Police, this is a regular occurrence and the support is greatly appreciated. They intend to continue with these awareness campaigns indefinitely.

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