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Police discover a laboratory next to a cemetary

Members assigned for Operation Vala Umgodi in Mpumalanga, discovered a ‘laboratory’ behind an informal settlement next to the cemetery in Simile within the area of Sabie. The discovery was made this morning, Wednesday 05 June 2024.

The team was conducting disruptive operation in the area when they abruptly find themselves in the semi-professionally built-up laboratory.

To the members’ dismay, the ‘laboratory’, which is easily accessible to the community members, including children. Members also found hazardous items lying around the place, including some empty containers of Sodium Cynide.

The astute members also learned that the ‘laboratory’ could be utilised by certain individuals to process gold and silver through chemical manufacturing.

Even though the team is focused on fighting illegal mining in the area, a call is being made for community members to report other similar life threatening situations that they come across.

Further than that, water drainage system from the said ‘laboratory’ is channelled down the hill to the river. As a result of the spillage, there are great possibilities of contamination of the water in the river, which could be hazardous to both human and wildlife.

The Provincial Commissioner of the SAPS in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Semakaleng Daphney Manamela has sent a stern warning against those who are behind illegal mining, that the law will take its course, including to those who established the ‘laboratory’ as members working on Operation Vala Umgodi will not leave any stone unturned,” said the General.

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