Loving Life TV

Charities We Support:

Boere Droogtehulp SA (Non-Profit Company):

Helping starving minority groups and providing livestock feed and hope to farmers

FNB Account Number: 62801333163
Branch Code: 250546
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Reference: Loving Life TV Donation
Chris van Beljon ‚Äď Cell:¬†0829616620

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvZt9SN5mbjx_-buQLMCWRQ

Filadelfia Ark (Non-Profit Company):
Large Christian camp for the poor north of Pretoria.

Paypal account for donations to Filadelfia Ark: dogtervansion@gmail.com
Filadelfia Ark NPC Company NO: 2013 / 029579 / 08
FNB Branch Code: 250044
FNB Bank Acc No: 62399144931 Cheque Acc
Bank Adress: Shop 106, Village Mall, R511, Schoemansville, Hartebeespoort, 0216
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Reference: Loving Life TV Donation


Moeggesukkel Reconciliation Centre (Non Profit Company)
FNB: 6233 914 3753 Cheque Acc
Branch: 250655
Ref: Loving Life Hope
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
PayPal: paypal@moeggesukkel.co.za


Go Purple Foundation:

Pretoria based charity supporting abused women and childern

Bank Account Name: Go Purple Foundation
Nedbank Account No: 1092453423
Nedbank Branch Code: 198765

Reference: Loving Life TV Donation

Go Purple Facebook page


Large countrywide charity providing food parcels to the poor

First National Bank Account Name: Solidariteit Helpende Hande
FNB Account No: 62 331 445 503
Branch: Centurion (Branch Code: 261550)
Reference: Loving Life TV Donation
Swift Code: FIRN ZA JJ

The Cradle Of Hope:
Providing food parcels to the poor in the Krugersdorp area

First National Bank Acc No: 62180352628
FNB Branch Code: 250241 (Krugersdorp)
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Reference: Loving Life TV Donation
PAYPAL: albertus@thecradleofhope.org

Zimbabwe Today:

Reclaiming Rhodesia:

Support Reclaiming Rhodesia:

Please support the Reclaiming Rhodesia and Zimbabwe Today initiatives

Tyme Bank
Branch code:678910

Account number:
Account type:
Current account
Branch code: