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The ‘vaccines’ are killing children‼️Dr. Peter McCullough

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    Nat Quinn
    Dr. Peter McCullough : The vaccines are killing children

    ‘’It is clear the risks far outweighs any potential benefits of vaccinating children’’

    ‘’It’s is clear that a vaccine is pushed, mandated in fact results in the death of children’’

    ‘’It is my view as a physician that all vaccine mandates should be immediately dropped and pulled from the market and undergo a very intensive review of safety & efficacy and figure out where the vaccine program has gone wrong’’

    It is long past time that the government health bureaucrats and politicians that have ignored the evidence and continue to push these experimental mRMA substances to be injected into children can plead for clemency.

    We should not rest until they are brought to justice.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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