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Youtube censorship and community strikes go against their own policies

Here is the video that received a medical misinformation community strike on The Truth Youtube channel: https://lovinglifetv.com/youtube-give-the-truth-a-community-strike-for-medical-misinformation-at-8am-today-jhbg-time-for-a-video-on-the-eaves-dropping-device-in-eskom-ceo-de-ruyters-car-what-next-i-have-submitted-an/

2 thoughts on “Youtube censorship and community strikes go against their own policies”

  1. YouTube probably believe that the suggestion that the CEO of Eskom is having his vehicle bugged is Fake News or misinformation. Why would a CEO need a bugging device to track and record him when his cell phone can be tracked and monitored by the “authorities “.
    The ANC are pleased with the work that the Eskom CEO is doing .Why else was he appointed. Perhaps Anton Rupert can answer these questions.

  2. Then all over Youtube you got many channels that spew real medical misinformation like remedies that don’t work as an example, and no strikes for that. The obsession is only with covid information, which proves this is a targeted attack. It’s not about “medical misinformation”, it’s about silencing critical thinking that exposes their wicked master plan. They underestimated the “useless eaters” and it backfired nicely on these evil self-proclaimed gods. They underestimate our God given human spirit. The truth always has a funny way of coming out eventually, no matter how hard they try to stifle it.

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