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Donkey and cart reflects where South Africa is going

There is a growing debate in the north west province of South Africa about how the building of donkey carts which should have cost about R200,000 cost over R750,000. Of course this epitomises cadre deployment – so no surprises here. The elephant in the room is Ramaphosa’s recent suggestion that South Africa is well placed to become a major player in the fourt industrial revolution while in Mafeking they are now providing donkey carts as transport for the community that predates the Boer War.

5 thoughts on “Donkey and cart reflects where South Africa is going”

  1. Squad Cars from Springbok Radio will now sound like this ” They prowl the empty streets at night , on fast donkey carts , and on foot, these are the men who protect the people of South Africa. ” Ja this is progress under the corrupt ANC.

  2. Apparently the ANC is full of donkey’s. Should be no problem finding enough donkey’s to pull those donkey carts from among their ranks.

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