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4 thoughts on “DAILY INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO (Saturday, 12 November 2022) – The Age Of Destruction”

  1. This is a brilliant video version of the old 60’s Hit by the one-hit wonder guy Barry McGuire.
    I also remember at the same time the song “The Green Barrettes” by Sargent Barry Sadler. All novelty hits at that time. Add the noisy upbeat “Wooly Booly” by Sam The Sham and the Pharaohs and you have a perfect three-some that captured part of the spirit of the ’60s of one-hit wonders. The Hippie culture was born and a new flavor of music was added to the Vietnam war “songs” at that time. The brilliant “Paint it Black” by the Stones spring to mind. In the 60s with the slogan “making love not war” is a far cry from today’s youth that don’t even know what an open-air festival (concert) is.

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