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3 thoughts on “A young black African warns Ramaphosa and the ANC that their time has run out – BE WARNED explicit language”

  1. so the video speaker says the hero of the nation is a dick sucker..your heroes of the nation the terrorists as we know them for generations . sandf is now a aids farm of clowns .you should do well to know the chinese own all the sea ports and many mines huge tracks of land .the s a debt to chinese banks is huge and will never be paid back. china ccp owns s a ..your screwed .anc moet vrek

  2. Hi Scott. I followed you on all your channels on youtube, your old loving life tv channel and now again. Your channels are always about facts and truths what you find nowhere else. I agree Cyril should be removed from power, but this guy is using your channel to spread propoganda, using those sexual remarks, without any proof. And threatening the ANC. This sounds alot like someone from the EFF. Personally I think this video/voice note should not be on your channel. I have great respect for you and your website, and what you are doing for South Africa. With Respect Loukie

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