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Dr Philippe – the blood slides confirming shedding to the unvaxxed from the vaxxed – from live stream here on Loving Life TV published 12 February 2022 goes viral globally.

In mid-February 2022 Dr Philippe released and explained dozens of blood slides in a live stream here on Loving Life TV that his practice had taken in the last couple of weeks from his patients that showed the immense damage being done by the experimental gene altering covid mRNA jab not just to those who took the jab but, to a lesser extent, those who had not – who had had the toxins shedded into them through transmission from the vaxxed. This ten month old video has recently gone viral and is now widely accepted as the groundbreaking proof that shedding from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed, damaging the unvaxxed, does occur.

Article in Info Wars referencing Loving Life TV: https://www.infowars.com/posts/confidential-pfizer-documents-new-study-confirm-covid-vaccine-shedding-has-been-occurring-with-shocking-dangerous-consequences/

and article in Expose News also referencing Loving Life TV: