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My predictions for 2023 – key word be PREPARED

As Klaus Schwab famously said in 2020 those who believed that the world would return to how it was after the covid scam were in for a big surprise – well he was right. Because governments around the world are now proxies run by the World Economic Forum’s carefully planted Young Global Leaders. In 2023 we need to rid ourselves of this filth or our children will face slavery in these Biblical times.

Australian Government to investigate huge increase in deaths in 2022: https://vaccines.news/2022-12-14-vaccinated-australia-baffled-high-excess-death-rate.html


4 thoughts on “My predictions for 2023 – key word be PREPARED”

  1. My prediction…they will try a new pandemic in February….but this time we the people will say no and rebel…many armed forces will join us

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