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US to supply Ukraine with Patriot Missiles as Russia says “lets roll out the *hypersonic missiles”

The world is moving steadily closer to a third world war as the US continues to jeopardise the situation in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Interesting that the US has no interest in the invasion by Turkey of that tiny state of Armenia a thousand kilometers to the south. This is not about human rights this support of Ukraine is about global governance. (*Russia’s hypersonic missiles travel at too fast a speed for the Patriot missiles to be activated against them – and even if they were – they would be too slow.)

3 thoughts on “US to supply Ukraine with Patriot Missiles as Russia says “lets roll out the *hypersonic missiles””

  1. The answer to this insane warmongering of the captured USA, is found in the history of mankind. The controllers of earth seated in alien influence and manipulation, has attended to the earth’s population and civilization for pleasure and experimentation for milleniums …a kind of galactic game. The fooled puppets of their earth adventures like Klaus and Biden and secret society members, are used to achieve their goals with promises of immortality and power, and the fools fell for it. Study the Tartaria mudfloods and the hidden history, that is needed for them to hide the future tricks and events. Even our calendar and timelines were changed to fool us as to prevent us stopping their reset ‘game’. The Tartarian reset is a perfect example of what lies ahead for some of us on this planet. They couldn’t hide the secrets well enough.

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