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PREDICTION: In 2023 a posse of turkeys (doctors) will come out against the deadly bioweapon.

In this video a British MP, Andrew Bridgen, discusses his change of heart regarding the experimental covid jab. Up until 1 January 2023 just a few very brave doctors, well known to the Loving Life community, have stood up to medical tyranny and threats over their outspoken campaign against the jab. I predict that in 2023 a growing chorus of doctors will belatedly join this elite group only because it becomes politically correct to do so. Let’s not give them any credence – as they were the problem by staying quiet while the storm raged around the true heroes who stood by their Hippocratic Oath. We will call these 2023 outlier doctors in the future the “Me Too Movement”.

3 thoughts on “PREDICTION: In 2023 a posse of turkeys (doctors) will come out against the deadly bioweapon.”

  1. It is said in certain circles that this so called vaccine has killed 20 million people world wide and over 2 billion people have had very serious adverse reactions to the vaccine world wide.

    The people that did this want amnesty! No, they’re going to get it WE want Nuremberg Trials 2.0 and these people need to hang.

  2. Those 99% that were gor the jab must be prosecuted no matter what they now say. They were part of the genocide

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