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Meet the doctors heading up the “me too movement”

As predicted a couple of weeks ago, as the highly compromised covid bioweapon roll out starts to hit huge snags doctors are starting to speak out openly calling for the covid jab to be withdrawn – let us remember who the true heroes are – and they are not members of the me too movement.

4 thoughts on “Meet the doctors heading up the “me too movement””

  1. @Scott:- I was listening to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Bitchute and a few day’s ago I made a comment on your platform that 20 Million are dead from this Tea and 2.1 Billion have had very serious adverse reactions due to the Tea.
    Apparently Dr. Tenpenny said that this information (given above) is about six months old and the figures are a lot higher now.
    Do yo perhaps know or have any idea how high it is now?

  2. Far too late…these doctors are trying to cover their backsides. They must all be prosecuted for being part of this evil conspiracy

  3. The fact that many doctors made pregnant women take the jabs, is in my eyes the worst of all and totally unforgivable. May they find out soon, what they did.

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