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2 thoughts on “Democratic Alliance and the Nazis – in Afrikaans – video removed by Youtube – Published May 2022”

  1. And….the fact that nazi jewtube scrapped his thoughts, was that the DA probably asked jewtube to do so. (the racist Globalist group with jewish bloodline connections, owns almost all businesses and corporations in the world and thus jewtube is one of them.) Check who belongs to the satanic freemason/illuminati in the DA and it may be found that they do have nazi connections as this article explains. The latest ‘classified’ documents dumped on Biden’s property clearly shows the deep state connections to the Ukraine war and the child/human trafficking and bio weapons development and the reason Russia pre-emptively struck the proxy war territory of the deep state and Rothschild war against the new Russia that apposes the one world gov. For the DA to support this group and the high heel tap dancer makes it even worse where child trafficking is involved. Jewtube scrapped skidmarks,….SA will scrap the DA.

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