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School children go on rampage, destroy police vehicles

The members of Public Order Police and Tactical Response Team were urgently activated to attend learners at Tlotlisong High School where some learners became violent on the morning of 2 February 2023, and attacked teachers accusing them of being the cause of another learner’s death.

The learner allegedly drank poison and was found dead at his home by his grandmother.

At about 11:00 some learners refused to continue with their classes and threatened the teachers who immediately called the police.

The police attended to the complaint at the staff room and unfortunately some learners started throwing stones towards the police vehicle and finally overturned it.

A backup was summoned to the school and three more police vehicles were damaged.

The learners also damaged school windows and gates.

Teachers and police who were inside the administration block were unharmed except one learner who was a bystander and was hit by a stone on the head.

No arrests have been made.

The situation is calm and police are monitoring the school and surroundings.

A case of public violence is being investigated.

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