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US Department of Defense killing its own army, airforce and navy

You either love or hate statistics – but if properly monitored they never lie. In this video a senior medical officer in the US Department of Defense blows the whistle on the incredible blow out of seriously injured or dead in the military following the bioweapon’s roll out. These facts are being covered up by the US DoD.

1 thought on “US Department of Defense killing its own army, airforce and navy”

  1. One wonders what the statistics are for Nato forces in Europe, or they may also withhold the information as not to sound the alarm to the unsuspecting trusting Europeans. The western nations’ defenses have been compromised by globalists who are busy building a greater Israel where goyim or gentiles will have no power. The dewish Putin may also be in on it working with Israel. Biden and Putin are actually working together and Biden is sabotaging the USA forces. With micro wave energy, the jabbed will be neutralized at a specific coordinated time as to render the European and USA forces useless and China will walk into the USA as the victorius forces and KLaus Schwab will be very happy as the globe can now be like communist China. SA is with China and Putin. The Rothschild created BRICS as controlled opposition.

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