3 thoughts on “Devastating 7.8 earthquake strikes Turkey and Syria”

    1. I got tears in my eyes when I saw the times that they rescue kids from under the rubble.
      God bless “The Give of the Givers” from South Africa who also sends help to Turkey to help with the relief efforts there.

  1. Just a few days or so before the Haarp attack the Turkish minister told Biden and Nato to keep their dirty hands off Turkey. Strange clouds were seen over the struck areas after that and the birds started acting strangely as their magnetic navigation system was neutralized and they couldn’t fly and the sub surface of the earth was heated up and ionized by the haarp frequencies and on earthquake night the sky was ionized also and the quake occured. The shock flash that was seen triggered the quake. Turkey knows it is Biden/Israel/captured Nato/darpa/dod that did it and now we will see revenge and the ww3 as the bible predicted with the happenings in Turkey.

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