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1 thought on “Your future – bound into restricted movement in 15 minute “smart” cities”

  1. This is a clever way to control the vaxed as you won’t get food according to your social score card if you move out of your zone. You won’t have a car to escape with and the stuff in you will track you and if you move too far on foot you will be jolted with a pain in you activated by graphene oxide that was activated again by microwave frequencies zooming in on your id and dna.
    In the Tartaria era 250 years ago, very special expensive buildings were set up to house the ‘insane’ (those against the narrative then as to depopulate) and these asylums were also hospitals later and orphan accommodation where the new breed of incubator babies were ‘educated’ to form the ‘odd fellow society’ members (freemasons) and they were sent out as spores for the satanists all over the globe. They naturally then became democrats etc. Farmland far from the ‘cities’ will be controlled by Gates and so the ingredients of food for the ‘insane’ …and the good food will stock up the elite supplies. Robots can actually do farming and auto pilot Musk trucks will cart food all over where needed, etc.

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