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1 thought on “Legally, anyone who was vaccinated with mRNA is now the property of Bill Gates (Moderna)”

  1. There could be a problem with the offsprong that may be created by two parents where one or both have been infected with a patent, but at the time of the injection containing the weapon, the person did not know or was duped to believe it was for another cause with no informed in depth detail of the contents of the weapon (at that stage it was not advertised as a weapon or something else other than medication to ensure the survival of a human getting it.) It was verbally contractually stated that it is safe and for the good of all and the compulsary notification in the vial boxes did not contain any information on blank paper. So the jabbed did not enter into a contract to become the property of any patent holder (The documents that people signed just before the experimental injection must be studied IN DETAIL). Testing allowed the criminals to take dna samples of each person connected with the id document….so they have that and linked to the batch or code number of the jab. It may be possible that the jab contained technology that could collect dna data in the jabbed and send it to a central AI centre and so, where the id is linked to the AI data and they now know your dna construction. So when new babies are born, they will collect their details also through the internet and they have the mark of the beast making them patented slaves like articles to be sold and bought with an engine number carved on the chasis. It may be possible for a good rich guy to buy up all the corporations and destroy all their data, but otherwise we have a problem.

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