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Allegations relating to Eskom must be made public seeing as it is a public enterprise

Pravin Gordhan, Minister of Public Enterprises, would do well to remember that Eskom is not a private company, but a public enterprise that was established with tax money. So, any allegations relating to this enterprise ought to be made public.

André de Ruyter has the right to speak about the political interference and fraud at Eskom.

It is no secret that there is immense political interference at Eskom and that a blind eye is turned to corruption, like De Ruyter said.

According to him, a certain minister reportedly told him that some people must sometimes be a little dishonest to benefit from the criminality for the sake of the greater good.

When De Ruyter complained about the corruption, he was apparently told that the corrupt elements themselves are wondering how long they have before they are exposed. And yet no action was taken.

According to De Ruyter, he reached a point where his conscience was bothering him so much that he felt he had to tell the people of South Africa what is going on at Eskom and what the real problem is.

He and his family will probably have to flee the country after the exposition. What transpired here is nothing but criminality gaining the upper hand over an honourable official.

People who reveal the truth and tell taxpayers exactly how their money is being stolen must flee for their lives.

Another example of this is the murder of Babita Deokaran in August 2021 after she exposed corruption in the Gauteng Department of Health.

The FF Plus will pose further questions about De Ruyter’s allegations and the Minister will have to provide answers.

The FF Plus expects government to ensure the safety of André de Ruyter and other whistle-blowers.

The cancer has, however, spread so far that a request for government protection could potentially jeopardise your safety seeing as government is riddled with dishonest officials.

Taxpayers must realise that the government is in cahoots with criminals when it comes to corruption. And in the process, my and your tax money is stolen.

Voters must ensure that the ANC is replaced as ruling party in next year’s elections.

Read the original article in Afrikaans by Dr Pieter Groenewald on FF Plus

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