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Now mainstream media openly confirm the covid virus originated in the Wuhan lab.

Isn’t it interesting that Dr Fauci resigned from his positions in the CDC and government a month ago just as the fake mainstream media were starting to confirm that the covid virus originated in the Wuhan Lab that Fauci funded in China. The intellect of “investigative journalists” in the legacy media must be, like ANC politicians, extremely low because they can’t join the dots about how the covid pandemic and the associated roll out of the deadly experimental jab was a pre-planned pre-determined project of the US Department of Defense and big pharma supported and promoted by the World Economic Forum and your brown nosing government (regardless of your location). Lest we forget channels like Loving Life were labelled conspiracy theorists by these bunch of satanic termites.

1 thought on “Now mainstream media openly confirm the covid virus originated in the Wuhan lab.”

  1. Yeah, make bloody jokes about millions of people dying around the world. It’s disgusting!!! What do vax injured people think when they watch crap like this? Or how about the Chinese people who have suffered tremendously under the draconian measures taken by their government? CBS was part of this genocide, now they make bloody jokes on a late night show, like that makes it all alright. So now that the source of the virus has been determined, why aren’t there arrests for all the misinformation these mainstream media companies spewed for over two years? No, instead they make bloody jokes! And the sad thing is the sheep fall for their crap, meanwhile they have the poison coursing through their veins and might be dead in a few years, but hey let’s make jokes! It’s ridiculous!!! Science was never the problem, it was the mooks that claimed they were “the science” and their defenders (like CBS) that was a big factor of the problem all along.

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