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Fake mainstream media debasing God, gender identity and humanity

Tonight (2 April 2023) Australia’s most respected current affairs program, 60 Minutes, ran a piece surreptitiously promoting the concept of the pronoun neutral society … ie “their” instead of “him” or “her” when it comes to babies. This reflects the satanic agenda being pushed by the fake mainstream media. The world is going mad because it is increasingly evil.

4 thoughts on “Fake mainstream media debasing God, gender identity and humanity”

  1. Scott, I think your word BULLSHIT sums it up fully. and its getting worse each passing day. In the new dictionary I see they are now banning the use of the words Christmas tree, and bunny, to name but a few. So don’t read any stories to your little boy or girl, containing the word bunny rabbit, and do not tell him you are putting lights on the Christmas tree. I suppose in Australia you would be putting lights on the Eucolyptis Saligna tree in any case so it won’t be too much of a problem for you guys.

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