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LIVE: Michelle Du Plessis on MyDATA which is seeking to revolutionize personal data ownership

Early in Michelle’s career she trained as a lawyer and is admitted to the bar in South Africa and is a registered solicitor in England and Wales. Additionally, Michelle holds a master’s degree in business administration in Switzerland, with a major in business promotion and development. Michelle’s educational experiences, as well as her work as a fiduciary service provider working in multiple jurisdictions, and her curiosity about how blockchains worked ultimately led her to discover and study a crucial piece of legislation, the Blockchain Act of Liechtenstein.

Michelle discovered that through the use of blockchain technology and with the underlying legal framework for data ownership found in the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act, which is intended to prevent the abuse of personal data by large companies or “data cartels,” an individual could truly take ownership of their personal data. Ultimately shifting the power over personal data from these entities to the individuals themselves.

More at: https://prasaga-official.medium.com/an-inside-look-at-mydata-and-founder-ceo-michelle-du-plessis-81ad2ab82736

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