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LIVE: Rodney Genricks- Dirty water, cooling towers, vested interests and Eskom- one of the major load shedding factors

iFrame is not supported! Vested interests are preventing the introduction of more efficient, less costly and proven methods of maintaining Eskom’s power stations – resulting in a large part of the escalating load shedding issue in South Africa.Our earlier live stream (April 2023) with Rodney focusing on Hartneestpoort Dam in Gauteng:

LIVE: Laurie James talks to us about cyber bullying, stalking and revenge porn

iFrame is not supported! Laurie James is a cyber expert – among the topics we will cover are: Online predators, cyberstalking & revenge porn. Contact Cybareti Consulting Services: Articles linked from the Loving Life TV forum: Cybar consulting on LinkedIn:

LIVE: Dr Peter Hammond talks to us about the war in Sudan

iFrame is not supported! Dr Peter Hammond played a major role in the annexation of South Sudan from the north. Currently there is a horrific war playing out in Sudan – Peter takes us through the background, challenges and where this might go.Help fund printing of Lenora father’s book: Peter:

LIVE: Dr Michael Cassidy – the man who changed my life at Michaelhouse

iFrame is not supported! I went to Michaelhouse boarding school 1968 to 1971 – during that time an inspirational missionary, Michael Cassidy, came to the school and changed the lives of many boys with his series of lectures given over a week in the chapel. Tonight, after 50 years, I reconnect with Michael who now …

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