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In 2023 do white lives matter – at all?

The deliberate humiliation of the white population through videos freely available – linked through Google – where white women are sexually abused and denigrated by black men with no outrage by the mainstream media who fixate over the suggestion that white lives are okay reflects how the racist, evil, sick and REALLY racist society has become in the 2020s.
I could not find one image of a black man abusing a white woman on the search engines … https://duckduckgo.com/?q=black+abuse+of+white+women&atb=v330-1&t=chromentp&iax=images&ia=images
while on online video pornography sites that is all you see. It’s called woke censorship by big tech.

1 thought on “In 2023 do white lives matter – at all?”

  1. It is all part of the antiwhite narrative, the fiction that we are forced to live in across all White nations. Calling out who is behind all of it is antisemite racism and no one likes being called an antisemitic racist.

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