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Bakhmut (war in Ukraine) epitomises the blatant lies being pushed by the fake mainstream media

Russia is taking on NATO in Ukraine and winning – you can understand why China’s Xi Jinping is rubbing his hands on the sidelines.

Here is the live war updates in Ukraine: https://liveuamap.com/

5 thoughts on “Bakhmut (war in Ukraine) epitomises the blatant lies being pushed by the fake mainstream media”

  1. A contact of mine has informed me that the Russians have captured enough M4 rifles to supply multiple battalions with these rifles they have also captured Javelins, NLAW’s, MILAN’s and Stingers.
    They will reverse engineer these weapons and make their own version of it and even better it.
    Round of Applause to NATO! Well done next trick.

  2. I agree with what you say Scott but what if this whole war is a distraction created by the forces of evil to draw our attention away from the narrative that being COVID-19, Vaccines, New Variants, a new pandemic, 15 Minutes cities, Climate change etc.
    These governments including Russia have been in lockstep with one another ever since this BS started before 2014 and the western backed coup in Kiev to topple the then President of the Ukraine.
    Think about it.

    1. Yes it is a distraction and a created reason to control food and energy globally. Each country of power, is carving new borders so that the nwo can settle in 10 regions. Climate change and pandemic health laws, will ensure depopulation on a controlled scale and pace and robotics will replace most of us. We are being deceived and have been so, for maybe 6 civilizations, controlled by the alien factor, that is steering global events for their entertainment and pleasure. They seek out secret society members of influence and high IQ to have proxy leaders representing them. The fools have been bought with promises of longevity and power and protection and will end after they have served their purpose to terraform earth for the next game. Look at the Bucegi mountain base in Romania information and the hunt for lost technology by the scull and bones members. They set all in motion with 911 etc and ancient ‘discovery’ wars after entering the base. Even Hitler played his role perfectly creating Israel as the base for the nwo and their gang.

      1. Part of ‘their’ game seems to be to play good against evil and to see which is the stronger and with political and artificial weather control, they can hide previous civilizations from the next to come. Look at Tartaria, or Atlantis or Antarctica where even the google images have been clouded as not to see emerging structures from the receding ice. (Pilots are forbidden to fly over there.) Look at the hiding of the second infrared sun next to our sun that Nasa is hiding. Or look at the vast library of ancient knowledge being hidden by the Vatican and that the RCC is but a continuation of the Roman Empire.

        1. They need these ‘wars’ as a cloak to the deaths of injected soldiers and war casualties will actually be injection casualties. Chaos will be used to explain high civilian deaths… (Sudan now?) People are ‘moved’ to new areas with wars and so their addresses will be lost and no one will miss them. Food is laced with GMO substances to spread diseases during chaos. The wars will also wipe out traces of our civilization and the past that slipped through the net of destructions. Lockdowns will provide for the systematic door to door culling and confiscations of weapons and food and valuables.

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