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The elite pedophiles are now moving to legitimise sexually abusing your children

As satan takes hold over the world as we know it global organisations like the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum are being used to usher in a satanic agenda. The fake mainstream media are the facilitators of this evil.

Featured video on 9 May 2023: https://archives.lovinglifetv.com/video/1293/featured-high-ranking-un-official-spells-out-the-hidden-agenda-of-the-elite-running-the-un-who-and-wef?channelName=Scott

4 thoughts on “The elite pedophiles are now moving to legitimise sexually abusing your children”

  1. Where will the abuse stop? They also plan to take parental control away from parents and the Gates plans must be stopped by having Gates arrested…at least in Africa…How??…by letting every African see the videos on Gates and his gang like the Documentary on Gates and what he did in Africa and India. The racism involved will automatically have the African citizens declare Gates and what he represents, as the enemy of Human Rights and he will be stoned or set on fire if he gets caught in Africa. The WEF ordered that the internet must be controlled and so they are systematically erasing videos related to Gates to start off with. The videos explains Gates reasoning and the depopulation through vaccines etc. Sterilizing young daughters is one method and thus allowing them to become prostitutes will allow them the ‘pill’ (laced with sterilization chemicals)

  2. Through the WEF & UN these laws will be enforced using their proxy puppet governments and the anc as one such gov. can be voted out in 2024 if the nation is made aware of the Gates attacks and supported by Ramaphosa and the anc. The meetings of Gates and Ramaphosa before and during the vaccine attacks, were photographed for all to see although they thought no one would know about it. If a new gov. here can replace the anc, then the abuse of children and the dangerous depopulation process can be stopped.

  3. This is absolutely appalling and disgusting! It has soured my whole day. These predatory buggers need to be hung on a flagpole by their genitals! We really need to ask the questions, why is there no outrage about this? Why are teachers even on board with such disgusting agendas? Has our society become so desensitized by pornography, that children have become sex toys? It really seems the institution we once trusted have become our greatest enemies, like government and schools. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest these predators nether regions for all eternity! SICKOS!

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