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Boere Legioen in court over challenge by Cape Liberals on large inheritance

Cape Liberals are challenging a multi-million rand inheritance to the organisation from a supporter – the main argument being that Boere Legioen is “white extremist” and “racist”. As Loving Life has been named in similar manner in this court action we will be following it with great interest.

3 thoughts on “Boere Legioen in court over challenge by Cape Liberals on large inheritance”

  1. How can Juju say “We are heading to darkness “. Does he not know that he is living in “DEEPEST DARKEST AFRICA ? ” Why does he want what the racist white men have invented ?
    Better to go back to their mud huts and wood fires. Oh and Juju can hand back his BMW.

  2. Yeah and what about the ANC’s latest labour equity bill, which is incredibly racist, even more racist than the Apartheid laws, but that’s just hunky dory. In fact, it’s the most racist piece of legislation since Nazi Germany, even exceeding those laws, but it’s A okay. It’s only racist if the ANC says it’s racist. Tell me how many high level whites are in their racist organization? None. But when you call them out, they always cry racist, when they are are the true racists.

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