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Julius Malema interview with the BBC claiming anarchy will come when Eskom fails

Julius Malema is deluded – believing that he will lead South Africa after anarchy follows the collapse of Eskom. Malema’s vision is to nationalise everything so that he can steal what has been left by the corrupt Mafia ANC government.

4 thoughts on “Julius Malema interview with the BBC claiming anarchy will come when Eskom fails”

  1. We live in a politically confused world now, created so by the nwo gang and their clever warfare method to perform a coup on the globe, as to rule via an elite group. The successes of their operations are lying in the control of global leaders and secret societies including the jesuits of the RCC and they sometimes lose control somewhat, with rouge leaders they thought would be the controlled oposition. All the wars were part of their war to gain full power and they created groups as to create friction when they pull the strings. This interview by the BBC is part of their control strings as to guide their pawn Malema to fit their agenda. We can’t trust Malema and neither the BBC as another weapon of the nwo gang. The ICC is one of the nwo instruments and thus they did not find Biden to be the criminal starting the war with Russia or causing millions to lose their lives and even using child trafficking to subvert politicians. The sabotaging of the Nordstrum pipeline was not even investigated by the ICC or the UN did not think providing evidence showing the USA/Biden act of war, was worthy to investigate, and thus showing the UN is another leg of the nwo gang. Thus Malema has actually gained a lot of power caused by the lies and two-face nwo gang as every SA citizen can see the lies and deceit of the so called nwo leaders. The anc as a puppet regime can fall any day now and Malema is right that the people will rise in desperation and they may follow ANY leader with a voice against the nwo gang. Malema is incoherent and contradicts himself, but chaos to come will force the masses to follow ‘any leader’ and the masses to act will be the uneducated emotional poor people, (again created to be poor by the nwo gang). The tragedy is that the nwo gang only has their agenda in mind and the vaccine deaths or war deaths will all be part of reaching that WEF/UN/WHO/CIA/FBI/jesuit/RCC you name it war force, goal. The energy/Eskom crisis created by the nwog will be synchronised with other events to allow the UN/WHO to enter SA. The USA is fighting a proxy war against Russia as part of their global reset as to destroy Nato and Europe and the USA and Russia. China as the perfect nwo state, is already in place as to be the new base for the nwo elite. China is all set up to be able to cull millions of its own people and the rest of the globe as to get the total of 500 million population globally. Does Malema realize he is but a small part in their game and once he has served his purpose, he will be neutralized by the nwog?

  2. Note that Eskom has already failed in a way, and the energy supply is on back burners because with the planned depopulation, there won’t be a need to supply more energy and the new energy technology will replace the old technology…(hydrogen power ??) With the energy rationing now, the economy is sabotaged and with more losing jobs and SA going into recession, the atmosphere is getting angry as Klaus Schwab said must happen. The grid may not go down, or need to go down, to the wishes of the nwog, because if the society in SA is chaotic, then the grid may fail due to lack of maintenance or control. Poor people will tear down all pylons etc. for steal or cables. So it doesn’t matter how well the Eskom engineers are steering Eskom now…..if society fails first, then Eskom and the total grid collapse will follow.

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