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LIVE: Dr Ellapen Rapiti – unpacks memories from the covid pandemic 2020 – 2022

Dr Ellapen Rapiti joins me to talk about the highs and lows of the covid era – a revealing insight from a doctor who practices in one of the most dangerous townships in the world – Cape Town’s Khayelitsha

Dr Rapiti: Family Physician/Child and Mental Health;Addiction Counselling

Phones: 0825811846/0213976029


Dr Philippe blood slides showing the negative impact of the vax (bioweapon): https://archives.lovinglifetv.com/video/64/live-dr-philippe-updates-us-on-the-impacts-of-the-vaxx-on-red-blood-cells-and-overall-health?channelName=Scott

Dr Philippe blood slides prove that shedding of vaccine toxins does take place from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated: https://archives.lovinglifetv.com/video/368/dr-philippe—the-blood-slides-confirming-shedding-to-the-unvaxxed-from-the-vaxxed—from-live-stream-here-on-loving-life-tv-published-12-february-2022?channelName=Scott