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The elephant in the room in this year of the US Presidential election

This is justice in the USA – Donald Trump (apparently anti new world order) is facing charges of holding top secret documents while special counsel has just excused President Joe Biden from facing court on exactly the same charges because he is mentally incapable of doing so. What does that say about the election of the President of the “free” world?

1 thought on “The elephant in the room in this year of the US Presidential election”

  1. Firstly – biden admits being in the precence of SPECIAL COUNCIL “for over 5 hours” and the conclusion drawn after this period of time by special council is that Biden is mentally UNFIT to stand trial (in other words his cognitive ability was deduced to be less than capable of understanding normal proceedure) the words mentally unfit and referencing JOE BIDEN in the same sentence SAYS IT ALL .
    Secondly – FJB (Joe biden) has the gall to stand there and say that aid must get into Gaza , what aid 2 tons of porrige ? While he gives another 3 billion dollars to THE LITTLE SATAN ISRAEL to go bomb the pallestinians before they can even go eat it. Thats not even counting the 37 HOSPITALS which have been bombed to the ground , yes ALL 37 out of 37 , AND THE LITTLE SATAN ISRAEL then claims this is all in self defence , razing 37 hospitals to the ground. THE WORK OF SATAN INDEED. The great satan USA and the little satan israel work wonderfully together.
    Thirdly – i garantee you 1000% biden will NOT be the nominee .
    some interesting facts former presidents known by their initials
    I rest my case.

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