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Loving Life TV – Daily News & Views Update, Saturday 1 June 2024

It is with great sadness that I advise Pastor Dan Berriman has emailed me to request that he be excused from a remarkable service he has freely given to the Loving Life community since mid 2020 – when lockdowns were stopping people from going to Sunday services.

For the last four years Pastor Dan has provided loving Life with regular Sunday services – some of his videos have received more than 10,000 views. Dan writes in part: My friend, I am starting to feel my age now, and I just do not have the energy  or stamina to cope with demands upon my time, So I have decided to call it a day.

Tomorrow I will put up a tribute to Pastor Dan and his remarkable service to his Loving life community.

You can view Dan’s past Sunday Services by clicking on the archives link midway down the home page and searching on Sunday Service from the archives page – which will take a couple of minutes to load. You can alternatively take this link to the archives page. (Search can be seen TOP RIGHT)

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