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Poofta (transgender male) takes Skidmarks to the SA Human Rights Commission – my response

Both Colyn and I are products of the “Baby Boomers” generation. While Colyn is boer living in South Africa I am culturally English living in Australia. Our tribes may be different but our views about XXX and the woke society are pretty much identical. A mental case has taken Colyn to the South African Human Rights Commission over the video shown here – it is preceded by my comments.
We must destroy Open Society Foundation’s satanic woke agenda.

More on Colyn being taken to the SA Human Rights Commission at this link: https://lovinglifetv.com/forums/topic/complaint-lodged-against-youtuber-who-calls-himself-boerieman-colyn-serfontein/

4 thoughts on “Poofta (transgender male) takes Skidmarks to the SA Human Rights Commission – my response”

  1. Woke’ism in Overdrive.
    The ” complainant ” chose to watch Colyn’s video of his own free will. If he didn’t like it, then he shouldn’t have watched it. SIMPLE !!!
    Let’s see how the HRC deals with this one.

  2. So glad you put up this video. Could we ever imagine that fighting for what a God given natural (gender) entails, would be turned against us and make us CRIMINALS for reminding them, the gender confused, what is a natural born BOY and a natural born GIRL ?? World is totally FUCKED UP

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