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8 thoughts on “Loving Life TV faces its final curtain as its success causes cost issues”

  1. Not sure where we would be right now if it weren’t for you Scott, you saved our lives, we will really miss you. May God bless your beautiful soul and the Loving Life team who’ve made such a difference in our world. Love you always. ❤️

  2. For years Scott dedicated his entire life to bring us the truth and warn us against the evil in the world. We were blessed that our webmaster assisted us for all this time, but we are in dire n need of the services of another webmaster who can find it in his heart to please assist Scott and us in continuing this amazing work

  3. I will start by saying that it has been the most Incredible Journey with you Scotty & The Loving Life Family. I started out as Michaela T one of Scotty’s first subscriber’s & moderator. It was early days , but this channel grew at an incredibly phenominal speed and so did the LL Family. I gained the most AWESOME Friends & in July of 2019 I was to meet the most Incredible Man on this channel ..who became my Precious Husband when we Wed on 25 December 2019 in Colorado USA .Who would have thought that this SAFFER GAL would be blessed with a Husband , a Loving Life Subscriber on another Continent , 13000 miles away, So I went from being Michaela T to Michaela H.

    I was priveledged to have served on the Loving Life Committee & part of the inner sanctum of LL.
    LL channel has made enormous contributions to Charities , changing lives & saving lives . I sincerely hope that this amazing Channel can continue. I pray for a MIRACLE for you Dearest Scotty that your sight may be restored..and that this Channel by the Grace Of God can go forward despite the trying times & financial constraints.
    Thank you to you all LL Family , who have given so much & contributed to the Great Success of this Channel.
    My Fondest Love 💜 & Big Hugs🤗🥰
    Michaela Hart.

  4. Hi Scott,

    We salute you my friend, was a privilege to be in your company for the last couple of years. You helped us navigate the Covid and lockdowns and you and the LL family been there to share time with us. We appreciate everything you have done, all the time spent on research and just being there every night to talk to us.

    May God bless your path going forward, may your sight be healed, and may you have a peaceful retirement.

    Mark & Mel

  5. God will open doors for LL. I feel so privileged to have been with LL since its inception. Scotty you deserve a medal for all the good work you have done. So many friendships have been formed through this channel. I do pray for your eyesight . You really need to take a rest now . Thank you very much for all your hard work.
    LL will continue to expose the evil , fake news out there. Cheers and God Bless Scott. Tony Fleck your Old Fart buddy from Invercargill NZ.

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