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398.V.B.ISLAM WATCH – A Woman Destroyed the Qur’an’s PRESERVATION


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    398.VIKING BOER – ISLAM WATCH – A Woman Destroyed the Qur’an’s PRESERVATION
    Here’s how a 5 Foot 2 inch Woman, Hatun Tash Destroyed the Qur’an’s PRESERVATION!

    Jun 30, 2023
    Muslims have been told their whole lives that the Qur’an is complete and unchanged; that not a letter, nor a word, nor a sentence has been accreted nor deleted, and that the Qur’an they read in Arabic is exactly the same all over the world.

    That was until my colleague Hatun Tash, a 5 foot 2 inch woman accidentally found 26 different Arabic Qur’ans while traveling in Africa and the Middle East, and brought them back to London.

    So, we decided to take Hatuns 26 different Arabic Qur’ans to Speaker’s Corner to show them to the world on August 7th, 2016, and the Muslims almost went berserk.

    Watch as they tried to rip examples of the differences printed on our laminated papers out of our hands, attacked our camera-man, and then tried to grab the Qur’ans from our bags, and even attempted to stop our exit when we left

    This is the kind of reaction one would expect when they hear for the first time that everything they have been told about the book which is the very foundation of everything they believe turns out to be a lie.

    Also watch Mohammed Hijab, one of the leading Muslim YouTube gurus today, who was in the crowd filming us back in 2016. Upon seeing what we were showing the world he quickly retreated to the outskirts and called all the Muslims to stop looking at what we were showing, and stop listening to what we were saying; that he would explain everything to them.

    Then almost 4 years later, the same Mohammed Hijab had an infamous Zoom interview, on June 8, 2020, with Dr Yasir Qadhi, probably the leading authority on the Qira’at readings of the Qur’an, with a PhD on the subject from Yale University.

    The interview, now coined the “Standard Narrative has holes in it” interview was an honest explanation by Dr Yasir Qadhi concerning the burning question posed by Mohammed Hijab; namely, which of the 30 Qira’at readings is the original Qur’an? Which was the eternal one in heaven, or the perfect Qur’an revealed to Muhammad, or the final version written down by Uthman in 652 AD? Was it the ‘Hafs’ or the ‘Warsh’, or the ‘Qalun’, or the ‘Kisai’.

    In response Dr Qadhi made 12 points:

    1) He began by saying that this problem of the Ahruf & Qira’at is the most difficult topic for Muslim scholars to answer

    2) Thus for that reason Muslims don’t tell the new converts to Islam about the 30 Qira’ats

    3) Only with the more advanced students of Islam do they do a “deep dive” on the issue

    4) He noted that Muslim Scholars for the past 1,000 years have not solved the Qira’at problem

    5) And why? Muslims, he said, have a “respect” for the Qur’an, and put a ‘red-line’ beyond which they do not go; unlike here in the West, where there are no red lines, which caused him a ‘crisis of knowledge’ at Yale University in 1995

    6) Pointing to Hijab he said “The Standard [Islamic] Narrative has Holes in it” due to this issue

    7) Western academics, he acknowledged, have jumped ‘leaps and bounds’ on this issue in the last 100 years

    8) Because of what they now know, the Western scholars now look at the Muslim scholars like an ‘emperor with no clothes’

    9) As a result Qadhi bragged that he “never lectured on this subject, nor ever will, except in his class”

    10) He went on to say that this subject should never be brought up in Public, nor should he be filming him asking this question…

    11) That is why Hijab shouldn’t ask him to say what should be written on the ‘blank Mushaf’

    12) But when asked finally “Which of the Qira’ats is the real Qur’an?” He responded, “They are ALL the Qur’an!” You start with ‘Hafs’, and add a little bit of ‘Warsh’, and ‘Qalun’, or ‘Kisai’…mix them all up, and “Voila” you have the Qur’an”.

    What he didn’t know in 2020 was that there are 93,236 differences between these 30 different Arabic Qur’ans.

    Thank God we don’t have the same problem with our Bible, because we would never make the same claims Muslims make about their Qur’an.

    Can you now see how a small woman, only 5 foot 2 inches tall, has almost single-handedly brought the Qur’an to its knees.

    Never again will Muslims be able to publicly claim that there is only 1 Qur’an, which came from heaven, and was perfectly preserved, so that “Not one word or one letter, or even one dot has changed in the last 1400 years”…and all because of Hatun Tash.

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