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    Nat Quinn
    2 State Capture Looting projects underway during Cyril Ramaphosa Presidency 1) Digital Identity of Bill Gates and World Bank for the destruction of Cash in Society. Digital Identity of each South African Citizen needed for Project Khokha 2/ Digital Rand. It is a Mass Digital Surveilance Tool whereby any Critic of Presidency or Billionaires can be locked out of Digital Economy especially used for Censorship of Truth being Exposed by Citizens. Ask Cyril Ramaphosa what he is doing on Board of Smart Africa responsible for Digital Identity Rollout in Africa…….. Why is this relevant to Phala Phala US Dollars and Bill Gates Tennis Match February 2020 in Cape Town.  We know why Cyril got the US Dollars from Bill Gates. News24 must cover for Cyril as Bill Gates is investor in Naspers parent company of News24. They are lying about source of Phala Phala US Dollars Cyril knows its why he cant answer any questions and had to remove Public Protector investigating him…… Why did Bill Gates donate R300 million to Solidarity Fund founded by Cyril Ramaphosa to which Oppenheimers donated R1 Billion and Naspers R500 million……
    2) The Green New Deal / Eskom Just Transition whereby Coal Power must be Sabotaged and switches fiddled with by Jan Oberholzer and Andre De Ruyter to advance Independent Power Producers Contracts where Patrice Motsepe, Stephen Koseff, Johann Rupert , Rockefellers and Bill Gates will benefit from enriching them at rate of R500 million per day for 20 years. HOW IS THIS NOT STATE CAPTURE UNDER CYRIL RAMAPHOSA PRESIDENCY ????? Where he puts a Former President and Political Opponent in Jail , where he consolidated State Security under his Exclusive Watch because the man is unwell and Paranoid of Shadows of his past. Where he removes Public Protector investigating CR17 Bank Statements and Source of Phala Phala US Dollars……. Where he puts Economy in Lockdown for months to appease World Economic Forum he joined in 1993 with Johann Rupert …….. which pleased his Donors Bill Gates, Patrice Motsepe , Johann Rupert, Nicky Oppenheimer , Rob Hersov and Rockefellers #MembersofIlluminati Im warning South Africans they are after your Digital Identity and you must fight against Renewable Energy Producers or you wont have a Country or Freedom left if you dont. We are up against a Satanic Cult run by Billionaires part of Broederbond the local affiliate of Illuminati. They want White , Coloured, Indian and Black people to fight each other because its NO1 Defense Strategy for Billionaires it enriches them they Fear United People who are Awake to their Satanic Agenda. All Billionaires in South Africa are Corrupt as Hell involved in Sport Match Fixing, Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, Wildlife Poaching, Diamond and Gold Smuggling hence Rob Hersov bid for Airports……… Who trained Rob Hersov????? Its Johann Rupert coincidence his Father was a Chemist and Prominent menber of Broederbond????? Why was Thabo Mbeki, Nelson Mandela and Cyril Ramaphosa all friends with Johann Rupert before 1994 Election?????? Why did Johann Rupert work for David Rockefeller………???? EVERYTHING SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENS BELIEVED WAS A LIE‼️
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