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André de Ruyter is hiding corruption allegations, says police minister

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    Nat Quinn

    Police Minister Bheki Cele said that former Eskom CEO André de Ruyter did not tell the Hawks or the detectives at Eskom about the corruption allegations he made to the media.

    Speaking on Truth to Power with JJ Tabane, Cele said that he has spoken to the relevant law enforcement officials at Eskom, and they did not know about the accusations that De Ruyter made to the media.

    Cele said there are two law enforcement structures at Eskom — ordinary detectives and the Hawks. They have different roles as the Hawks deal with more serious offences.

    The minister said that he spoke to representatives of both authorities and that they were not aware of the allegations made by de Ruyter.

    “I have asked all those people — not a single one had that information,” he said.

    News24 reported in March that De Ruyter briefed the highest-ranking police officer in the country, national police commissioner General Fannie Masemola, about corruption at the power utility.

    It included the existence of coal syndicates in Mpumalanga and the two Eskom ministers who de Ruyter claimed were implicated in corruption at Eskom.

    Masemola acted on the information and tasked a senior police official with investigating the matter.

    De Ruyter has agreed to appear before the South African Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts and present a written submission on the corruption allegations he made.

    Cele said that at the time of speaking, the Hawks had 21 high-profile arrests “that are there”.

    He said that four individuals had been released on bail to the value of R300,000. That high bail cost suggests they were arrested for committing a serious offence.

    He said one of those four individuals was arrested for stealing R745 million from Eskom.

    Despite Cele’s endorsement of authorities’ success in clamping down on corruption, De Ruyter’s revelations during his interview on My Guest Tonight with Annika Larson suggest that corruption is still rife as Eskom and not enough is being done.


    source:André de Ruyter is hiding corruption allegations, says police minister (mybroadband.co.za)

    Shane Rule

    Hmmm, 21 High-level arrests, but didn’t the FAKE electricity minister just say Eskom is more squeaky clean than his brand new Prada shoes??? No corruption at Eskom he said, but now a couple of weeks later the police minister says contradictory information. Don’t these idiots speak to each other or what?

    Nat Quinn

    To be quite honest I do not think the left hand knows what the right hand is doing and they on the same body….

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