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    Nat Quinn

    September to December 2022


    For your edification, inspiration and for intercession, here is a small selection of remarkable, written responses that we have received by mail, e-mail or comments on our websites, from friends and supporters and from the field, in the last four months. Please continue to lift up these people and countries in prayer. Please continue to intercede that our publications, outreaches, workshops, broadcasts and courses may continue to renew minds, change hearts, transform lives and disciple nations.

    “You gave a sermon I never forgot”
    You visited my church, Valley Bible, in the later 1990s. You gave a sermon I never forgot. I asked you a question, and never forgot your answer. That answer spurred me on to attend Bible college and teach in Asia as a Christian missionary for three years. I have been helping my Mother age at home for almost fifteen years. She will be 90 in a month. I have missionary and Christian friends all over the world. The Lord has done a mighty work through you as in the Book of Acts. You have moved countless souls through the active and living Holy Spirit into the Kingdom of God. When my Mother goes home to the Lord, I will remember you and do something bold for God Almighty. Amen. God bless you, your family in Christ, and all your children and grandchildren. J.H.H. (Arizona, USA).

    “I am blessed by your testimony”
    Many years since you spoke at our church in San Diego. I am blessed by your testimony. Pastor B. my pastor and father-in-law is still going on with a strong witness at 88 years. I have been greatly revived myself over the past 10 years. Souls are all around us and really need Jesus. We must read His Word and pray for self, family, friends, workmates, neighbors, country, government leadership, the Revival of the Gospel in far off lands that will really change a city, a state and a whole government. Will make sure I pray for you and your family and fellow Christians every morning. I Thessalonians 1. G.A. K. (USA).

    “Thank you”
    I thank God for men still teaching truth! Thank you for an amazing and enlightening presentation of Gustav Adolphus’s journey with the Lord on this Earth! https://vimeo.com/673571551 A. & A.

    “Gorbachev Vs QE2”
    Thank you for your message. I’m pleased to learn that I’m not the
    only person who has refused to be mesmerized by Gorbachev. ( https://vimeo.com/751145948 ) I am so sick of hearing
    American conservatives extol him as the great man who brought freedom to the Soviet Union!
    Could you also send me your notes on the presentation you are giving about Queen Elizabeth?( https://vimeo.com/750610848 ) J.A.E. (USA).

    “God’s Smuggler, Brother Andrew and Ministry Behind the Iron Curtain”
    Thank you for sharing the incredible life of Brother Andrew and his brave adventures with your father in law Bill Bathman, you were most privileged to learn from these mighty men of God! https://www.frontlinemissionsa.org/in-memorium/remembering-gods-smuggler-brother-andrew
    Thankyou for giving me your new booklet Martha, Mary and Lazarus. (https://www.christianlibertybooks.co.za/item/9780639956787 )
    I read it out loud with my daughter J. this morning. It really blessed us!
    Serving Jesus first before all others was such a crucial lesson for you, as your whole life’s mission’s success depended on it! If you had chosen to be offended by those first Mozambique ‘persecuted Christian’s’ desire to repay you for your complete sacrifice for them, by reporting you to the communist Commissar you most certainly would have aborted your life’s mission and calling!
    We continue to keep you and your family and the Mission in our prayers, as you faithful seek God first and His Righteousness and feed and tend to the lambs and sheep, not looking to be distracted by “what about him Lord” Praise God that you are so well able to comfort others with the same comfort as you have received in your great losses of your dear wife Lenora and your many departed friends and dear family member. Yes Jesus delayed two days but oh how he demonstrated his great love for all of us by laying down His very life. Jesus groaned in His Spirit and wept when he saw Mary and Martha’s sorrow and grief over the loss of their brother Lazarus and today He is close to all who mourn and are broken hearted. The words of Jesus are so comforting ” I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in me, though he may die, he shall live.” John 11 : 17- 27. P. & B., J. & N., S. N.

    “The Great Commission Course”
    The GCC (https://www.frontlinemissionsa.org/events-blog/great-commission-course-2018 ) was such an excellent and life changing time for our children. a good dose of Dr. H. and some missionary boot camp experience! Blessings and thanks so much. L. B. (USA).

    “I never miss your shows”
    I am an avid listener of Andrew Carrington Hitchcock broadcasts ( https://www.frontlinemissionsa.org/andrew-carrington-show.html ) and I never miss your shows. I think your GCC outreach program that combines the Gospel with physical fitness and fellowship is a wonderful idea. Why is it that we can watch our own people, especially young people, sink into darkness and despair? I know most of the mainstream denominations are badly compromised, but why is it that so few in the pulpits will advocate for us? If the church will not, who else will? K.G.L.

    “Example of Endurance”
    I’ve treasured your amazing love to Jesus Christ and your unwavering commitment. Since, the departure of your dear wife, Mrs Lenora Hammond, I take courage from her big example of endurance. It’s beyond human imagination what she went through over the many year’s as a Christian Lady (https://www.frontlinemissionsa.org/in-memorium/category/lenora-hammond-has-fought-her-final-battle-with-pain ). That brought great comfort to me, as I struggle with Enlarged Prostate. Doctor Peter and the Frontline Prayer Warriors, please uphold me as you usually do pray for the Suffering believers. (John16:1,33; Hebrews13:3 ). Thank you for your courage and conviction of the Holy Scriptures. (I endeavour daily to follow your example, though it’s tougher to be consistent as ‘a Disciple’ of Doctor Peter.). Be comforted, and l salute you. Hallelujah. Amen. Bishop J.

    “Thanksgiving Evening – Thank You”
    Thank you very much for the delicious meal and Thanksgiving Evening.
    It was great to have fellowship! Please thank everyone involved. Blessings. M. & D.

    “Your narrative on Henry Morton Stanley
    What a good read was your narrative on Henry Morton Stanley (https://vimeo.com/channels/1688836/772391459 ) sent it on to my well read brother, whose interest in all things written will add to possibly fill the gaps in his knowledge of the start of colonial Africa and the opening up of Rhodesia with the Moffats and Thompsons at Inyati Mission. With deep respect for the tireless work done in the name of Christianity. Regards. T. (Ireland).

    “Jan Hus The Reformer of Prague”
    Woww!!! Woww!!! Woww!!!. https://www.reformationsa.org/history-articles/jan-hus-reformer-of-prague
    Thanks a million for this Undieable piece of Church History.. Riveting and Alive reading it from your Article.
    Indeed we need Reformers who would stand and speak truth to power of the structure of man guided as Church.
    Thanks a million. Regards. E.J. Jr

    “I honestly received your email when I really needed to read it”
    I wanted to thank all of you again for your prayers. I also wanted to share with you that I was really encouraged and helped by your latest letter called “You are Your Own Worst Enemy”. (https://www.livingstonefellowship.co.za/discipleship/we-are-our-own-worst-enemy ). I can definitely relate to that. Proverbs 3 has been a passage that God has often used to help and encourage me. I honestly received your email when I really needed to read it. Kind regards. B.

    “Thank you very much for the Bibles”
    Trust you are well. Thank you very much for the Bibles. We received the Bibles this morning. Am extremely grateful. May the lord bless and reward you for the good works you are doing in the Kingdom of God. J.M.
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