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BOMBSHELL: ‘The Springboks are frauds’

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    Nat Quinn
    The Springboks have borne the brunt of mockery and contempt on the latest episode of the controversial and polarising ‘The Breakdown Rugby Podcast’ show. Find out what the show hosts had to say.
    The Breakdown Rugby Podcast, a rugby talk show hosted by a group of Gen Zs, have garnered a huge following on social media (primarily Instagram and TikTok) for their hot takes on rugby.
    However, it has become clear that the Springboks are the least favourite international side amongst the podcasters. And while they are perfectly within their right to dislike the South African Test team, it is the open contempt and derision for and devaluing of the Springboks’ players (past and present) and achievements that have irked rugby lovers far and wide.
    In the latest episode of their show, one the hosts makes a bold call when he insinuates that no Springbok player is good enough to be categorised among and compared to the world’s best players.
    “No South African player gets in a world 15 team ever,” Kieran Williams, one of the host states.
    The young Englishman then goes a step further and declares: “Every single Springbok that stepped on the pitch are awful, straight up. They’re just frauds.”


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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