Canada waging war on Dr. Charles Hoffe for speaking out publicly against covid “vaccines”

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    Nat Quinn
    One of the first medical professionals to be targeted and hunted down by the medical establishment for using a D-Dimer test to prove Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” damage, Dr. Charles Hoffe is once again speaking out about the dangers of getting covid injected.
    The southern British Columbia-based emergency room and family doctor says he has seen an influx of vaccine-damaged patients ever since the launch of Operation Warp Speed. A whistleblower of sorts, Hoffe continues to tell it like it is at much risk to his life and livelihood.
    “We were told that this was safety tested,” Hoffe says about the injection. “Normally, it takes five to 10 years to say whether some new treatment is safe. And when it’s a completely new technology, they would need longer than that. This was completely new technology, so the fact that they rolled it out so fast gave a lot of people grounds for concern.”
    “We were assured that this had gone through all of the normal safety testing, which, of course, was completely untrue. We were literally falsely assured of their safety and their effectiveness. And because people want to be able to trust the media and the government, they believed. But I had my doubts, and so I was watching carefully.”
    (Related: In 2021, Hoffe warned that most people who get “vaccinated” for covid will die of heart failure within a few years.)
    Many of Hoffe’s patients developed severe neurological problems after getting jabbed
    Almost immediately after the Trump administration unleashed the covid injections, Hoffe began to see firsthand the neurological problems they cause. Hoffe had just returned from a vacation in South Africa when this spate of injuries started to emerge, and it shocked him.
    “I was quite alarmed that these people had serious neurological side effects that had not resolved, and they were showing no signs of resolution,” he says. “And I was deeply concerned that these shots were clearly not as safe as we had been told and that other doctors weren’t even reporting them.”
    Some of the earliest signs of a problem were patients showing pronounced dizziness, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), light and sound sensitivity, and bodily weakness. Then came the electric shock-life feelings down their limbs, as well as pain and nerve palsy in some.
    “I have never seen so many serious side effects from any treatment, let alone a vaccine,” Hoffe says. “Vaccines are a treatment given to healthy people to keep them well. There should be zero tolerance for causing harm.”
    Of the 900 or so patients of Hoffe’s who got injected, at least six of them developed serious neurological side effects with no signs of resolution. Some of them went to see other doctors during Hoffe’s holiday absence to seek help, only to find that there are no known solutions to this jab damage.
    Hoffe then took it upon himself to contact 18 medical colleagues in his area to inquire about what they were seeing with their patients. He was issued a gag order by local health authorities and was also threatened by the College of Physicians and Surgeons to keep quiet, or else.
    “I realized that, obviously, there was a big cover-up happening here,” Hoffe says about what he ended up learning throughout this horrific saga.
    “It was absolutely astounding that doctors were no longer allowed to use their scientific knowledge or their medical acumen to assess what was going on in their own patients. This is not medicine. This is not science. This is medical tyranny.”
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    Canada waging war on Dr. Charles Hoffe for speaking out publicly against covid “vaccines” –

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